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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2021 8:43 am 

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Oh, well, Are [url=https://www.rsorder.com/]RuneScape gold[/url] you really going to assist me. Well, help with everything? I dropped an essential artifact into the portal site, can you go in there and get it done? Um, fine. You get eleported into a cave that's blood red and have a demon in the center of there. What Are you doing here deadly? I wemt to acquire a artifact, can you let me through to get it? HA! I can't beleive you fell for that! Now you are trapped! Meh, I will find out my way, I bet you can't even get from here. Err... Tell you what, I'll let you out and give you a few nice things for entertaining AND Zamorak. OOH Items Goody goody!

You aren't the first one to fall into my snare, and the folks here are under precisely the exact same circumstance, so basicly it is a pvp arena. Thats it? I didn't finish, anyhow, There is something different in this pvp then your wimpy mortal pvp, each player will probably be aided by demons, so you command an army and fight another player having an army, OR if your level 100 or more and are on a member then you can fight a computer controled army and get better prizes.

Is that it. Not yet, each time you win you receive 5 tokens, and with every demon left, you get 1 token longer. After you get more tokens, you can purchase a much better army. You can even custimize what sort of demon you use. There are many different demons and every can use three melee fashions, physicaln, missles and arcane. But there is also a healer class. They can also get much better weapons and armor. How about you attempt to fight now mortal.

Sure, But where can I get my army? Actually, Zamorak dosn't really like weaklings so you want to do a test run against a fanatic mage. Uh... What kind of demon? an imp mage. An imp? Did I mention he is level 20. Thats powerful for an imp. I know. Now two things could happen, if you are lower then 50 you have to fight the imp. But if you are [url=https://www.rsorder.com/]Cheap OSRS Gold[/url] higher then 50

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