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PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 6:54 am 

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Employees are not at fault. Direction is compelling for mtx because investors set profit expectations for them to [url=https://www.winrsgold.com/]OSRS gold[/url] fulfill, and they surely do not care about the game. Mtx will never go off. The devs aren't the issue; it is the business version. If the mods pitch an idea"hey how'bout a construction rework" and the answer from direction is"no only put something new on squeal instead", that's the problem, maybe not the devs.I really believe RS would Greatly Reap the Benefits of old

I'm convinced this isn't a very popular view, but I really believe RS would heavily gain from scrapping older, outdated content just like they did mobilizing armies. Tbh a lot of 5th age quests have not made much sense and feel very weird to perform after EoC was published. This really is such a good idea. There is so much 10 year-old dead material and even if we took all of it outside the game could still be HUGE.

It is not just this. It's also the fact that the ordinary RS3 update is larger in size than the average OSRS update. Many tiny upgrades are simpler to create than several big updates. You better release it or this means nothing. Mod Ryan was operating on a Con update and it got scrapped after good progress was made, don't have any hope of the one coming .

And we'll hear nothing about this for weeks then it'll be quietly cancelled just like the number of other numerous parts of content. Your announcements don't have any integrity left. You just say whatever you think will reduce the backlash at the time with no intention of actually putting the effort in. You're just milking what's left of the match with hardly any effort. Your laziness is reaching remarkable depths even for you, Dave.

Yep, sure is disappointing that Nostalgiascape gets devs while we get MTX. This year we will get: September mystery anniversary upgraded, A brand new high end supervisor, Orthen dig site, A new construction contract style training method, Skill off-hands of some sort for a benefit from one of those upgrades this year, A new pursuit. Your post would have been relevant if you'd posted this until the Q&A told us what we're getting for the remainder of the year.

Oh, I'm sure these are all definitely coming out this year just like the Running Miscallania rework, &^%$#$^ rework and pursuit teams, Elder God Wars dungeon, City of Sennisten pursuit and Azzanadra quest they guaranteed. Or before that the weather method they guaranteed or Raids 2 or the 2016 Mining and Smithing rework or any of the many other broken promises they made. No, we should just blindly assume the company that [url=https://www.winrsgold.com/]buy RuneScape gold[/url] occurred until July to release a fourth update this season and has a long record of broken promises is totally going to do all of that stuff.

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