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PostPosted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:18 am 

Joined: Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:11 am
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When you say the combat is fundamental, quite literally wrong, lol and your debate is thrown out. (Though there's other things you mentioned that are directly wrong too, this is the case I'll use.) Yeah, go try some Runescape PvP. I bet with the best gear in the game to buy OSRS gold, a proper PvPer with level 50 equipment would wipe his ass. Or go try The Inferno. You know, the thing that half a year after launch, just around 500 people out had finished. Raids are also rather difficult.

So far as difficulty and complexity goes, Runescape is not dragging it's feet. The only"simplistic" portion of the game, is early game questing. Which makes me believe if you did play it, you probably did not even get beyond the first 20-30 hours of game play. (Btw maxing an account requires about 2000 hoursthough that is mostly in end-game grinding. Getting to mid-game takes roughly 50-80 hours. Later game hard stuff. So, 20-30 hours is literally fuckin nothing in comparison to how enormous the game is.) ?

You are very MMOs buddy. WoW mythics is and it's not hard. And anyone can do raids, stop acting like it's &^%$#$^ hard, lol. I said maybe not a year, a year, learn how to read. That is still extremely low. Let's judge people may even attempt that content, by simply attack amount. There are currently 94,964 accounts with 99 assault, AKA maxed. And being that assault is leveled later strength, so these are people that are more than probably max-mains, AKA very capable of trying The Inferno. There is much bigger numbers than that, if you just count 90+ which is plenty enough for end-game content.

So from nearly 100k max mains, just 500 had finished it a year. That is an astronomically amount. (Btw, this is only accounting for max-mains attempting it. Woox got it onto a 64 pure, therefore being flat 126 isn't demanded by any way. PvP games work like that. Do not like it? Do not play with PvP. People today figure out what is best because that's what wins games. It is called a meta, literally every match has RuneScape gold. Bitching about it is like bitching about the reason why we need to breath. And unlike many games, Runescape includes a significant number of skill-based mechanics behind the PvP of it. And not only that, in the event that you really watch PvP movies on runescape, you would know there's really a great deal of assembles and items which you can perform.

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