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PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:33 am 

Joined: Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:31 am
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That's only such bad planning and layout administration. RS3 was rushed and released without thinking of the long-term issues like upgrading runescape's very own runescape player models and overall graphics to [url=https://www.winrsgold.com/]cheap RuneScape gold[/url] compete as a"modern" mmorpg. And to think there is a lot of MMORPGS these days(Some released close to RS3 back in 2013) who have amazing customization character creation which even includes several races and yet they could pull off selling new makeup and accessories and animations with no problem. Maybe things could have been different if they correctly made RS3 from scratch utilizing a completely new game engine rather than clinging in their Runescript plus ditch the old tick established system or perhaps just intended for the future updates properly.

At this point its just better to make a new game from scratch than just working to update this game. At least RS2 and OSRS looks alright and may maintain how they're since runescape had its own charm and uniqueness to them. RS3 meanwhile over time does not age as good.

They can't even market their match, it looks absurd.they very first metric through which runescape is judged is its appearance and as a result of the decisions they made back then they are stuck trying to market something which on first glance will instantly rule out 99% of potential runescape players. Now they state a number of these things are too much work and I find myself asking...too much work compared to what? An excessive amount of work to not having the ability to market runescape in any successful capacity? Work to prevent runescape dying a decade or two before its time?

RooT and PoF are all failures. They are implemented, horrible place with scenery, and the reputation system is god. Imagine needing 118 farming to get a tier 2 perk. Ardougne looks like a &^%$#$^ circus. The"farming guild" is nothing more than a reskinned pof. The overloads and foods have been horrendously designed. Why is it that we have to complete a ~15 step process (that occupies 10s of my already-stretched-thin bankspace simply to [url=https://www.winrsgold.com/]runescape money making 2020[/url] earn a new potion. The upgrades are to generating trimmed masterwork armor from 23, elaborate, hard to follow, and overall involved, almost comparably.

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