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Though I Really Could Wear Barrows
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Author:  Kingang [ Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:47 am ]
Post subject:  Though I Really Could Wear Barrows

It's rarely Utilised in Runescape

Smithing. An obvious one to get increased, due to Dragon. Jagex has hinted that Dragon Ore may be published. From the Q&A where they had been asked about it, they did not give a direct answer, but did say that the protectors of the ore might not be happy. This is a reference to this Dragonkin, most likely, but I'm getting off subject. Dragon material is, at present, very rare. Why? It is not since it's weak; currently, I wear rune, and would love to have full Dragon even though I could wear Barrows. Aside from certain weapons and the boots, it's rarely used in the sport only because in the time it has taken Jagex to discharge all of it (and have they published it ) , better armors have come out, for example Barrows, and today we've got Bandos equipment that does not degrade. Making Dragon smithable would increase the quantity, thus lowering the cost and making it more common. At first, I realised that this didn't have to expand up, because each one the significant Ranging armor fits in nicely, and we actually don't require new D'hide stuff. I then understood that I was overlooking something: Magic. Presently, we can only craft Battlestaves, which are essentially useless as weapons. To put Magic into the Combat Triangle, we would have to add some actual defense against melee that is lacking now. The sole bit of Magic Armor that offers defense is your Arcane Spirit Shield. I realize the fundamental Mage armor is robes, but it is not just robes. It is magical robes. Certainly a mage could enchant his robes to block melee attacks? If you can prevent an entire individual from moving through Bind spells, surely you may prevent their weapon out of cutting you? If Crafting were enlarged upwards, perhaps at higher levels, you could make exclusive Mage robes, and then enchant them through Runecrafting or Magic.

Structure. I can't think of anything Jagex could add to warrant sending the level to 120, but the skill is complete. There's stuff you unlock in the 90s, so if they want to add Mithril Dragons to your POH, a larder that has even more ingredients and let's you draw them quicker, or a telescope that's slightly more precise telling you about Shooting Stars, they might raise the cap. I'm pretty sure this won't get increased, as Extreme Potions are true to their titles, and we don't require anything more powerful. If they decide to add a Saradomin Elixir (Saradomin Brew + something different, heals more than Saradomin Brew and doesn't lower stats), they have space for it.

Fletching. Doesn't need to be increased, since there is nothing to fill out the distance. Combat. Oh boy. I could forgive, and possibly if I am impressed, applaud Jagex for increasing Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning into 120 to include fresh content, but melee is sufficiently strong, and when they raise Magic or even Ranging, they will need to perform melee too. Can Jagex increase the cap on other skills? Should they?

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