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PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:04 am 

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Make a new one RuneScape gold from scratch which does a proper job introducing the game that is true to you and they will need to ditch Ashdale since the tutorial. For helping facilitate you into other 14, make guides or paths. Fixing those items (among a lot of other things I would imagine) could be a huge help with not only bringing in fresh runescape players with mobile, but also keeping them playing.They did a few tests and discovered that more runescape players stuck around when they had been shipped to tutorial island so the shift was made around the center of 2018. The changes aren't all that big but it has the exact same rework from beneath tides.

I really don't feel that you're giving MTX enough credit tbh, a number of these games that are doing really really well that have plenty of MTX are different to RS in a couple of ways - they don't have any end goal concerning progress, there is no 5.4b xp mark where you go oh &^%$#$^ ok there's nothing more which MTX can get me and you then go oh &^%$#$^ jesus christ I wasted lots of money on this. Games with that kinda MTX model don't have a finish point and that is by design, people that twist 5.4b (or even max/a few 99s/120s ect) are fulfilled with an emptiness that's somewhat unparalleled and therefore they will stop once they fulfill that aim, additional games do not have that kinda goal.

The issue with all MTX based systems are they aren't based on"ability" they are coded in a way that your true chance of winning the item you desire is nearly not possible. Exactly the exact same manner slot machines operate, it integrated into a console ecosystem. If it's only skill 14, I don't have a problem with MTX. E.g you purchase 10 tokens that then lets you take a cannon ball to a target, there's absolutely not any reason behind the scenes code to create your win percent 1 percent, only simply your reaction time and skill determines your reward. Opening"chests" or loot crates or you need to call it is essentially gambling as it's not a game of chance, the system is made for you lose. I welcome the focus and hope there is reform to Runescape and all games.

I recall how OSRS's worlds were being DDoS'd because of something that occurred, another time there was the gay pride event that moved unpolled (that it really was going about it had been unpolled, Halloween and Christmas were faked ) so the neighborhood became extremely homophobic and racist in addition to self ratted to information websites to blow up it larger and make the runescape game look bad. Jagex will be killed by MTX if it is ever added to OSRS if the community is willing to do that for just some mild changes or additions that are against their own will. I would imagine immense DDoS'ing plenty of strikes away from the community using OSRS as it's banner, defacing the category and hell potentially like Lulzsec did into the FBI's website.

Buy cheap RuneScape gold here: https://www.rsgoldfast.com/

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