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Author:  lostlove [ Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MyFelon – New Social Networking Site for Felons

I came across a new dating blog https://moslitski70.&^$$^*.com , with the idea that men don’t want to be friends with women. After reading the post, it sounded like a woman scorned; she was upset when men want to sleep with her and she doesn’t &^%$#$^, or when we think she’s romantically interested and we get upset when she doesn’t &^%$#$^. When I read these two scenarios, my only thought was “what is she doing wrong?” I’ve heard many, similar stories from women in the past. I believe this woman is acknowledging half-truths as excuses for covering her own flaws.

Women often blame men for their flaws in a relationship, instead of working on their issues. Some women can’t get over previous lovers, entering a a cycle of comparison between them and the person they are dating. They seem unable to find someone, because they are always comparing the new person to their old lover. It’s unfair to him and unfair to yourself. In this case, you need to work thru your issues with your previous lover, move on, put him in the past so you can continue to date other men.
Other times, women feel entitled, that men should give them everything and the world on the first date. Men often run from this type of woman or often seek something in return, often requiring clothing being removed.

There’s a list of flaws that women try to mask and lay the blame on men: previous relationship insecurities; choosing the wrong men who only seek sex; leading men on because you’re insecure about your physical attributes. In the case of the blogger, I think it’s more of a case of miscommunication with the men she’s seeking as friends. It could also be the type of men she’s seeking for friendship.

I’m not suggesting women always blame us for their flaws, or that men don’t have their own flaws either. I’m not suggesting that we don’t blame women for our own flaws. What I’m saying is, instead of pointing the finger outward, you should work on yourself. We’re human, no one is perfect. It may bruise a woman’s ego to hear that, but it’s the truth.

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