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Approach Women Without Any Chance of Rejection
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Author:  shawnmark [ Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Approach Women Without Any Chance of Rejection

A lot of men are afraid of approaching random girls. This is actually understandable. After all, there is always this feeling of being ignored, rejected and the worst, being ridiculed and embarrassed right in front of your friends. Little do most people know that there are ways on how you can approach women minus the chances of being rejected. Learning these methods and mastering them can give you a higher chance in getting any girl you desire.

Take Baby Steps- Begin by doing random approaches on both genders (men and women). Observe their initial reaction regarding your approach. Do not be afraid if you stumble or fall as it is your first time anyway. The idea here is to practice your lines every time you move towards someone. Observe what lines generate the most response and work on it. This is also perfect to help boost your confidence. Continue doing this and you will surely rise into unprecedented levels.

Never Hesitate- Hesitation can be a real killer when it comes to approach success. The instance you stop and begin to think, your mind will start to play doomsday scenes and the next thing you know, you lost it. Girls can detect your uncertainty even if you are still a mile away. So when you approach a girl right after your pause of hesitation, your cover is already blown. What do you do then? The moment you see a girl you like, approach her in 4 seconds - no pauses, no delays.

Utilize the Art of Hypnosis- This may sound a bit far-fetched, but fractionation (a form of hypnosis) is proven effective and used by a handful of people. It can be effective when it comes to developing rapport with the ladies. It involves simple ways liks talking to a girl so that you can bring her into an emotional ride during the conversation.

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