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Applications that work TODAY and brainstorms for more apps
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Author:  * larry * chiang * [ Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Applications that work TODAY and brainstorms for more apps

IDEA #1: Search and confirm identities with your cell phone

Case scenario. Fri night out on the town. People meet other good looking people. In the heat of the moment, are you going to be smart enough to identity verify someone before going out on that next date (or something more pressing than a next date... a NEXT LOCATION for the night!)

... maybe you're not smart enough, but your bestfriend will be. For example, your out on a Friday night and you meet Mr. Right, and he wants to take you to crime scene #2, err, I mean bar #2. Your friend text messages, "44636" and gets his dating report number from

What other ideas for application will help grow our online industry to the wireless market?!

Author:  Guest [ Thu Jun 16, 2005 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Applications that work TODAY and brainstorms for more ap

Okay, Larry - here's idea #2.
Mobile profiles on TV.

Make a TV program specifically for your dating network!

1. During the broadcast, get people to SMS in and 'rate' a featured selected member ( the 'contestant' ) in real time. Of course, people are charged a dollar (through reverse-charge SMS) to vote.

2. During the broadcast, air the contestant's username on your dating network. If they want to contact him/her, they must pay two dollars to send their message, again through reverse-charge SMS.

3. Have other segments showing how people have met through your network.

I think this idea would work better for local-focused dating websites which have some money to spare. Of course, the revenues generated by a few episodes will probably cover the production costs.


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