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There isn't a need for multiple characters in PSO2
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Author:  wfuuopy [ Fri Sep 04, 2020 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  There isn't a need for multiple characters in PSO2

Gacha is a onomatopoeia for the sound as you turn the handle and a prize capsule rattles through the system that a capsule machine makes. It refers to thought that you put in cash to a gameout comes a random thing from within a specific set that machine or draw comprises. It might be a little Suzuki Jimny in green, from a pair of Jimny toys in varying colors if it were a real machine. From the game, it's a random thing from within a set of Persona costumes and emotes.

Not disagreeing with you but I think when it comes to gambling, if players truly enjoy the title, they will likely throw any money at it as well. . Important than DLC is that the game itself. Along with also the game itself? I am certain PSO2 NA could have done"well" from the past. I think many games can succeed in countries and markets. . Gamers enjoy games that are good! I can not imagine not playing a game because of issued with DLC. I mean, this is one.

I don't know how anyone can defend the game's methods. Have you ever played the game in which you are not paying for your own character slot, you are simply paying for the character, and if you delete this character when you already have more than 3, then you need to pay money to make another one? Even EA isn't that scummy.

Certain the DLC doesn't have to be crazy and may be reasonable. . But it's a game that is free and can even be argued there isn't a need for multiple characters in PSO2. No, but I have also never played another game that made alts as rewarding to remake as this particular one. Or that had weeklies that got better the further alts you could take by permitting you to pool all the benefits in an account level.

I also played with the JP model back when all excess character slots had to be bought (and were deletable), so that might be coloring my beliefs a little. The personality slot thing's far from my favourite thing they've done, but it's certainly not EA-tier &^%$#$^ if you examine the context of what it is that they let you perform with the totally free slots they do give you. The only thing that gets close to &^%$#$^ is Fresh Finds.

Games would only give you the level 30 Mag food just or once let you get credit for a weekly each account. I have played games where people were literally called"economic terrorists" by community supervisors for less than what PSO2 permits you to do infinitely with your free character slots.

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Author:  TRAVELWELS [ Mon Sep 14, 2020 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: There isn't a need for multiple characters in PSO2

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