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Author:  datingscripts [ Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Making money with a social site...

Is it just me or are there a million social communities out there now? How many are actually making money? I can bet that if they are making money, it's from Adsense and nothing else. This is not a good business model. With the rapid increase of social sites, it's growing more and more difficult to get members. We all know members are what drives the revenue on social sites but at what cost?

You have to spend hours upon hours each day to promote your site just to get members. Getting a couple hundred bucks a month for 400 hours of work is just backbreaking and beyond comprehension. This is why I see more and more people going back to the dating site model. Sure you got sites like plentyoffish but those are few and far between. That site is full of spammers and scammers. This is what happens when you run free sites. All the idiots come out of the woodwork.


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