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 Post subject: Secrets Of Flirting
PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:03 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:25 am
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Many men struggle to understand why they don't have any success talking to women. They think that flirting extends as far as using pick up lines and offering to buy a woman a drink. They fail because they have never discovered the most effective secret flirting tip, which is that you can tell everything you need to know about a woman's interest in you from her body language.

Reading a Woman's Face
There are two main areas to consider when reading a woman's face for signs of attraction. Firstly, you should always look into her eyes when talking to her. This will establish a deep connection between you, as only people who are comfortable with each other will maintain eye contact. If she will not hold your gaze then she is either nervous around you or she is looking around because she is bored. You should secondly pay attention to a woman's mouth. If she is smiling a lot in your company then this is obviously a very good sign.

Body Posture and Positioning
In addition to looking around the room, another indication that a woman is bored is if she is slouching or is sitting with her head resting in her hands. If you see these signs then you are going to have to work on your conversational skills as well as your flirting. What you want to see instead is a woman looking interested in everything you have to say. You should also be looking for open gestures rather than defensive ones. For example, she might be gesticulating with her hands rather than having them closed. You should also check that her body is positioned towards you, as sometime a woman will subconsciously turn her body away slightly in an effort to distance herself from somebody she isn't interested in.

Becoming Closer
Her body positioning will also refer to how closely she is sitting to you. In addition to turning her body, a person who is not interested may also lean back in her chair, thereby creating more distance between you. If, however, she is leaning forward then you should take the opportunity to do the same. The will make the interaction between you much cosier and more intimate. If she is relaxed enough to be this close to you she may even make physical contact with you as you are talking. This again is a sure sign of her being comfortable with you, as well as of her flirting.

Being In Sync
Moving closer to her when she has made the same movement is known as mirroring. It is a classic sign in body language that two people are very close emotionally, and that they are in sync with each other. This happens naturally, and usually people are unaware of it. However, if you have noticed a woman mirroring your movements then you will know that she feels connected to you. You can then use this information to advance your flirting with her.

Knowing how to read a woman's body language will give you a massive advantage over the majority of men. This secret flirting tip will make a huge amount of difference to how successful you are with women, and will improve your flirting technique considerably.

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