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PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:48 pm 

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The OPW/iDate Weekly News Summary.
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Snap Interactive Q2 Results

PR NEWSWIRE - Aug 14 - Total Q2 revenues decreased 40% YOY to $3.2M. Net loss was $1.5M. SNAP overall advertising and marketing expense for Q2 2013 remained substantially lower (decline of 69% YOY) compared to the comparable period in 2012, resulting in declines in revenues, bookings and subscribers.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... ults-.html

Grouper: Group Blind Date

FOX BUSINESS - Aug 13 - Dating site ­Grouper sets up groups of friends for drinks, to see if there is a potential match within the crowd. The site was created by Michael Waxman who started the site after breaking up with his college girlfriend and moving to New York, finding himself disenchanted with the dating options. The sites sets up drinks between two groups of friends, and is always three-on-three. Each person pays $20 to secure a reservation as well as the first round of drinks. From there, it’s anyone’s game, Waxman says. Grouper is available in 25 cities across the U.S.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... -date.html


Quickly set up and run your own dating site using Dating Factory white label solution available in 18 languages. For more information visit www.datingfactory.com.

Tinder: The Casual Sex App That Makes Us Even More Vain

TELEGRAPH.CO.UK - Aug 13 - Tinder is like speed dating without the awkward conversation, and with thousands of potential matches in the room. Tinder isn’t about getting laid or finding love at all, it’s about validation. People randomly indicate an interest in others just to see if they respond. There are pathetic souls who swipe "like" on literally every single person, and then tell their friends how many matches they have. There is science around this. Studies show that Facebook likes and retweets on Twitter give users a dopamine rush, making them feel happier. Even more tragically, there are people in relationships using Tinder, just to see if they’ve still got it.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... -vain.html

Elle Launched A Matchmaking Site Powered By HowAboutWe.com

NEW YORK BUSINESS JOURNAL - Aug 13 - Aside allowing singles to find each other, Elle Dating will give members access to one-on-one matchmaking services from the magazine's relationship expert E. Jean Carroll. The matchmaking service will include a subscription plan for two dates per month; personal matchmaking with Carroll; phone consultation and dating feedback; date planning and ongoing dialogue with matchmakers. HowAboutWe.com last month launched a dating service with New York magazine that sends couples on curated dates for $18 a month.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... wecom.html


Dating sites make millions each year from running their casually oriented dating traffic to Fling. Email greg@globalpersonalsmedia.com for special treatment.

Bang With Friends Adopts Neo4j Graph Database

PANDO DAILY - Aug 12 - A year ago, not many developers had heard about graph databases. But thanks to the release of Facebook’s “Graph Search”, this is no longer true. Neo Technology is one of the pioneers of graph database technology. The technology enables companies to better map relationships, mine connections, power user queries, and resolve connected data challenges. Neo’s customer roster includes companies like Accenture, Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, HP, Intercontinental Exchange and T-Mobile. Neo’s most recent paying customer to implement Neo4j is Bang With Friends (BWF). It’s only five months post-launch, and the company has already crossed the 1M user mark with 200K successful matches made, and continues to see viral growth. BWF co-founder Colin Hodge used graph technology to map relationships at his prior dating startup HeardAboutYou and describes the database architecture as the obvious way to structure his company’s data. “It allows us to more effectively model the dating landscape and the connections between our users,” Hodge says.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... abase.html

Socialbots Can Flirt And Tweet

NY TIMES - Aug 13 - From the earliest days of the Internet, robotic programs, or bots, have been trying to pass themselves off as human. Chatbots greet users when they enter an online chat room, spambots churn out e-mails advertising miracle stocks and unattended bank accounts in Nigeria. Bimbots deploy photos of gorgeous women to hawk work-from-home job ploys and illegal pharmaceuticals. Now come socialbots, programmed to tweet and retweet. This new breed of bots is being designed to sway elections, to influence the stock market, to attack governments, even to flirt with people. Last year, the number of Twitter accounts topped 500M. Some researchers estimate that ~35% of the average Twitter user’s followers are real people. Within two years, ~10 % of activity occurring on social networks will be masquerading bots, according to technology researchers. Dating sites provide especially fertile ground for socialbots. Christian Rudder, a co-founder and GM of OkCupid, said that when his site recently bought and redesigned a smaller site, they witnessed not just a sharp decline in bots, but also a sudden 15% drop in use of the new site by real people. This decrease in traffic occurred because the flirtatious messages and automated “likes” that bots had been posting to members’ pages had imbued the former site with a false sense of intimacy and activity. Mr. Rudder and his programmers are seeking to design their own bots that will flirt with invader bots, courting them into a special room, “a purgatory of sorts,” to talk to one another rather than fooling the humans.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... tweet.html


Dating sites need to offer voice services to remain connected with their users...rather than disinheriting them when they want to speak on the phone - Mark Brooks

Spikko helps dating sites provide secure virtual phone numbers to their members and make money from the phone calls. Please email haim@spikko.com for more info.

The Physics Of Online Dating

WORLD SINGLES NETWORKS - Aug 12 - World Singles Networks has been building dating sites for over a decade. This experience provides them a unique perspective on the growth and evolutionary tendencies of dating sites across a wide range of diaspora communities in every country on the globe. Just like in astrophysics where scientists can determine the lifespan and ultimate fates of stars based on their initial mass and other criteria, World Singles Networks can predict the growth and performance characteristics of online dating sites. Check out their own predictive model using the organizing metaphor of star dynamics.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... ating.html

Online Dating For Catholics: Benefits & Risks

NC REGISTER - Aug 11 - Today, the most often-cited meeting place for singles (21%) is online, according to a Match.com survey. Catholic Match says it has served ~1M people since its founding in 1999. Other sites for catholics are AveMariaSingles.com, CatholicSingles.com and CatholicMingle.com. Such sites pair people who would otherwise not meet due to distance or other circumstances, said Catholic Match CEO Brian Barcaro. “One of the biggest problems is that of treating another human being as something you can ‘shop for’ based on a list of traits and qualities,” said Christopher West, a Catholic author and speaker on John Paul II’s theology of the body. “Every human person is incomparable, totally unique and unrepeatable. If we’re only in love with a list of qualities, well, then our love will drift to anyone who has those qualities. We haven’t yet reached the dignity of the person.” Catholic Match discourages members from having a shopping mentality. “Online dating sites are tools,” said Barcaro. “Simply because a tool can be abused does not mean the tool itself actually promotes a certain kind of behavior.”

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... isks-.html


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