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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:11 pm 

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Jiayuan.com Acquires Its Aging Rival

MORNINGWHISTLE - Feb 19 - Jiayuan.com has bought competitor juedui100.com. Juedui100.com, established in 2005 has in the past reported ~8M registered users. However, it has suffered from business difficulties so that by the end of 2010, no more than 20 employees were still employed. Experts seem to not be very optimistic about the acquisition. The acquisition will not effectively increase the number of validated users for jiayuan.com. Jiayuan.com should focus on the growing market such as the development of mobile clients instead of acquiring an aging rival. At present, the Chinese online dating market is divided by three giants – jiayuan.com, baihe.com and zhenai.com.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... rival.html

Why Big Players Could Buy MeetMe

SEEKING ALPHA - Feb 19 - When social networks myYearbook and Quepasa merged in 2011, they gave themselves an appropriate brand name MeetMe. MeetMe has grown since the merger, but is still a small company with a market cap of $112.46M. Given its recent growth and outlook, it may be an attractive buyout target for Facebook or Google. Why? MeetMe provides a platform for meeting new people through social games and apps on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. The company derives revenues through ads and virtual currency, with ~60% of traffic coming from mobile devices. In the last five years, revenue has grown 5300%. In two years - 2009 through 2011 - the company's revenues grew from $536K to $11.85M. Facebook is primarily about finding friends and interacting with them, and so is Google+. MeetMe, on the other hand, is more about new relationships and social discovery. It makes an attractive acquisition for either of the two players, as they could be interested in expanding their reach to social discovery. With a valuation in the range of only $110M, MeetMe is an easy buyout for the likes of Google and Facebook. Another company that would possibly be interested in MeetMe could be Microsoft if it plans to enter the social media space in a big way.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... eetme.html


Quickly set up and run your own dating site using Dating Factory white label solution available in 18 languages. For more information visit http://www.datingfactory.com.

Dating Website Info Being Used In Divorces

UPI - Feb 18 - A recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said 59% of the nation's top divorce attorneys have seen an increase in the number of cases using evidence taken from dating sites during the past three years. 64% said Match.com was the top site cited, followed by 9% who said eHarmony and 27% who listed other choices.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... orces.html

Why Match.com Is Taking Part Of Its Business Off-Line With 'The Stir'

MINYANVILLE - Feb 14 - In May, Match.com launched "The Stir" -- a program of local dating events that bring together Match members for activities like cooking classes, bowling nights, and happy hours. Match.com is bringing in about 24% of Q4 revenue from 2.8M paid subscribers. Match members who pay for the service get an invitation to a Stir event, and they are allowed to bring up to five people as guests. In January, Match threw ~400 events in 80 different cities. In 2012, the company held ~1,600 events with ~150K attendees. Mark Brooks, an online dating consultant based in Europe who covers global businesses, says there’s no question that Match has to do events. “Where else can they grow? There’s really two distinct kinds of singles: those that go out to meet people, and those that like to idate.” Right now, The Stir’s only significant cost is hiring a facilitator to check people in at the event. “This is not adding anything much to their bottom line that’s measurable,” Brooks said. “What it’s doing is reinforcing the brand and getting people to talk. But to truly get people to embrace the events, they have to be a success – bad events could be deadly for the brand, Brooks said. If they walk away from those events thinking, ‘Oh God, I didn’t see anybody I was remotely interested in,’ then Match has failed.” One way Match can control the dating event is by having an active host. If Match’s event strategy doesn’t succeed, it could be undermined by companies like HowAboutWe. “What’s incredible about HowAboutWe is that they’re helping people define themselves by what they’re interested in doing,” Brooks said. “The problem with the dating industry is people don’t know how to write about what they’re looking for until they meet that right person. I bet 80% of people on HowAboutWe have tried Match.com,” Brooks said.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... -stir.html


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AnastasiaDate Survey: Did Technology Kill Traditional Dating?

MASHABLE - Feb 15 - Technology both helps and hinders the romantic process. AnastasiaDate conducted a survey revealing one in four men won't get off the couch to find love. The majority of men ages 35 to 55 have dated online and, of those, 65% successfully met a special someone. One quarter of men in the study say they're too nervous to speak to a woman they find attractive, but they fare much differently approaching a person online rather than a face-to-face interaction. One in five men will date "out of their league" because of the wider opportunities online dating yields. Lawrence Cervantes, chief communications officer for AnastasiaDate.com, argues the shift from traditional dating to online doesn't rid romance of its established habits, it only improves them. "It's far more convenient, takes emotional stress away from the process, and is more efficient," Cervantes says. "It doesn't eliminate the traditional dating ritual, just gives it a shot of Vitamin B."

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... ating.html

Hinge Helps Users Date Friends Of Facebook Friends

WASHINGTON POST - Feb 14 - Justin McLeod recently started a D.C.-based mobile dating app called Hinge, which lets users rank and connect with their friends’ Facebook friends. Every day at noon, Hinge users who sign up using their Facebook accounts receive a batch of 25 profiles of potential matches collected from a pool of their friends’ friends. Users rank the profiles on a scale from 1 to 5. If two people rank each other at 4 or 5, Hinge sends a “match” introduction to both. Hinge’s algorithm weeds out users who are listed on Facebook as married or in a relationship, who aren’t local, and who are out of users’ desired age range. Since its launch last week, Hinge’s app has been installed a couple thousand times. The app has already produced ~600 matches.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... iends.html


SDating sites make millions each year from running their casually oriented dating traffic to Fling. Email greg@globalpersonalsmedia.com for special treatment.

Introdooce: See Who Is Around

BACKBONEMAG - Feb 15 - Introdooce is a new startup from Toronto entrepreneur Ashkan Kouchak. “If you are out and about, you can check out or check into a bar or restaurant and see who else is there. If you see someone interesting, and really want to grab their attention you can choose to attach a gift. Sending an actual drink or a coffee is unique. It says 'Let's talk. I want to hang out'." says Ashkan Kouchak. "The app takes care of payments, and prompts you for an opening line.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... round.html

Breakups Spike After Valentine’s Day

NY DAILY NEWS - Feb 15 - Divorces spike in the days after “expectation holidays” like Valentine’s Day, studies show. Eight days before Valentine’s Day, researchers surveyed ~2K Americans, inquiring the status of their relationships. One in ten admitted mulling a breakup, and Valentine’s Day is often “the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” said AnastasiaDate.com COO Lawrence Cervantes. Divorce can often be on the New Year’s resolution list.

http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/new ... -day-.html



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