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In the "FIFA20" game, different players have different roles in different positions. Players have a good position in the formation of a team, and a team can often play a very strong ability. Having a better performance, you can reward more FIFA Coin.

For example, a card with a position of cm is very distressed after the hand, I don't know how to use it. In fact, in addition to eating the position of the card, you can easily change the card to a relatively correct position by opening the button. The more surprising change is that the mobile companion can also adjust the tactical board, making it easier to implement a one-button swap after the game.

Below, I will do a science on how to implement tactical board adjustment and one-button swapping on the mobile terminal.

Tactical board

First of all, let's be clear. Your "balanced" tactical board, which is the lineup you can usually see, is mainly for chemical use. The role of chemistry is to make your player's ability value not drop or get promoted. 5 chemistry players and 10 chemistry players are worse than a chemical style bonus (such as hunter shadow), the difference is still very large.

One-button transposition

Then talk about the problem of one-key transposition. First of all, after a key shift, the player's chemistry is still in the state of admission, and will not change the ability due to switching to different positions. Let me give you an example. As shown in the figure, I want to play 41212-2, but for the chemistry of all the players, a 4222, and then let the players eat the location card (such as Fermi eat cdm) to fill the chemistry, Go down and make a one-button tactical board setup.

How do you get the player to the right position after the start? I want Fermi to play 41212 or 4231 st what to do? At this time we need to open the mobile phone, open the lineup, open the "tactical" option to set up (my lineup is 4231, here I will explain it with 4231).

After opening, we will select the "Change Battle Ideas" option. There will be four tactical boards here, corresponding to four different situations. (Please note that the "balanced" tactic board is not what you really want to use unless your player's position is correct). At this time we can choose a tactical board to modify.

Take the offensive tactic board as an example. Click on “Formula” to select the type of 41212-2 (or whatever you want to attack), then click on “Edit Station”.

Drag the player in this interface and choose the station you really want. After you choose it, save it. After entering the game, use the left and right arrow keys to select the tactic board you need, and the player will automatically run to the position you set in advance. Looking at this formation, is it more reasonable than the beginning? (By the way, Fermi's shadow is definitely the essence of FIFA).

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