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 Post subject: shanghai women
PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:03 am 

Joined: Mon May 27, 2019 1:59 am
Posts: 41
usually the one track a cheater can't cover

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Q about tailored ads. ?Q about designed ads. ?

When surfing the net, Is it possible that ads for Chinese lady dating sites could pop up every every so often just by chance? Or is this rather specific ad type a pretty surefire bet that my boyfriend has been looking for such terms?

My iPad is powering his iPhone, I am the only one who usesthe iPad but I certainly never use any dating or Chinese websites, So to see ads for Chinese dating sites with sexy women pics every now and then is kind of weird and jarring. Could he be using sites on his iPhone, And Google is target product promotion similar sites on the iPad?

Help bust his dirty dishonest ass if so! ThanksNo, asian (Chinese and western mainly) adult material is huge, on the web. If you watch any porn there a great chance he may be seeing Asian dating site ads (these scams). I happen to watch a good bit of Asian porn and I see those but I see other kinds of random crap beautiful young chinese girls every so often, But only on porn web-sites. (I have never looked at any kind of dating site but I see those ads for Russian or Japanese girls desperate for boyfriends, They don genuinely mean much. Scammers/malware may particular anyone.

If you getting lots of pop ups on non porn sites you ought to get some anti malware and pop up blocker apps/plug ins. Are you an western side born Chinese woman? as this is the ONLY TYPE OF PERSON who says this nonsense! Your non Asian BF can date an Asian woman but if he WATCHES ASIAN porn material then he a sicko and you nothing but a sexual fetish object? It hogwash.

I have a big, Gigantic sexual option for Asian women since I was 10 years old and liked Trini more than Kimberly on the Power Rangers TV show. But I married my wife because I love my wife as a man made who also TURNS ME ON SEXUALLY. Aren there things about your boyfriend appearance and mannerisms and culture and values that get you sexually aroused? Aren those things REALLY NICE TO HAVE along with because you love him?

Why does in excess of what a man might find a blond woman really attractive and want to date blonde women and marry a blonde woman mean she is ONLY A SEXUAL OBJECT,I sorry but I feel like it was a accompany. Your asking people to answer a question for you and most people are giving you great advice but you are being so resistant and defensive that anything anyone says falls on def ears. I white and only consumed by white women, Does that mean my wife should feel offended? No that loopy. Crucifying your boyfriend because of the way his brain works as far as attraction to the opposite sex it absurd. Wouldn put much stock in centred ads, And i hardly think it means he is cheating even if he does get a lot of highly targeted ads. I don personally take offense to fetishization so I don know how serious an issue it is to you, But at minimum you know it isn a deciding factor considering who he cheated on you with? This romance doesn sound too healthy as you seem intent on "eliminating" the man you're dating and are grasping at straws to catch him in the act. Bail and hire a roofer you trust.

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