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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:58 am 

Joined: Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:31 am
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Valentine's Day is coming and the question is: are you alone? If you're a single guy or girl who wants to learn how to meet girls, welcome. You'll learn a lot in this article. It's really nice to have a girl to cuddle with during the cold nights. I don't mean a girl that you settled with because you don't think you can get that other girl you really like. I am here to tell you that she's not out of your league. No girl was ever out of your reach, my friend. Now, I'll get into the techniques to help you finally meet gorgeous girls.

The Approach
You thought there was an easy way? Nope, there isn't. Anything worthwhile pursuing comes with hard work and going outside your comfort zone. Unless you can already approach girls easily and have fun doing it that it is natural for you, this first phase can really be scary for a lot of guys and gals. What you want to do here is to hit on every girl you find attractive or cute. That's because it will break the limitations of your mind that you can't approach a girl or that she wouldn't be interested in you.

Those thoughts are nothing but limiting and negative beliefs which are not true. Every chance you see to get to know a girl when you're single, take it. Talk to that cutie and pretty soon, you won't even feel shame, embarrassment or shyness. Every girl is a blessing and is waiting for that special someone, assuming that she's single, to bring out the passion in her and that person could be you. Why not take her out of her boredom and get her to experience you? I believe that you can absolutely do it because you're reading this article.

Overtime, hitting on girls will develop your confidence to the point of you becoming absolutely shameless. That's right guys and gals, shamelessness is the long-lost key to the kingdom, I mean, queendom of female abundance. Not having any shame doesn't mean being disrespectful in my mind. It just means that you can express what you want without offending anyone and this is a skill that you will develop once you start approaching women.

But what if she rejects me and I get hurt? Although I understand that the thought of being rejected can be scary and, for those of you who have experienced it, heart-breaking, it's only in the beginning. You have to understand that it's part of the game. By experiencing it, overtime, you will get to that point of being confident regardless of the result because you know that it was her problem, not yours. You are perfect and special, she just wasn't ready to accept you into her life at this time.

But who knows? She might be interested in you after a period time. That's what I experienced sometime in the past. So let go of worrying about it and move on to the next hot girl. There are loads of them out there waiting for you! Once you see that she is being responsive to your approach, immediately transition and engage her into a small talk.

Talk about what she's doing here or comment about something she's wearing or doing. The key here is to become sincerely curious about her and who she is. In this phase, you just have to relax and let go to allow you and her to enjoy the experience of talking with each other. Oh, I remembered a key point here. Always remember to talk with her not talk at her. There's such a huge difference between the two of them. Talking with her encourages connection while talking at her shows disinterest and selfishness. As time goes by, both of you will eventually converse at a deeper level and this is the make-it-or-break-it moment.
In playing the game of how to meet girls, having the ability to maintain connection in a deep conversation will allow you to get into a relationship with that girl. It's all about 90% mindset and 10% tactics.
To learn the mindset tricks to help you ramp up your skills in the art of how to meet girls,

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