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PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:35 pm 

Joined: Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:24 pm
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Price of Gasoline increases, Traffic rises,
leaving The Department
of Road Transport in a MESS...

by Fredrick Jones

(7 April 2014--FF News) South African's are in a state

of a mess says a local Polokwane resident.

"It costs me R20 to work and back with the taxi, and

now the price has gone up, now I have to pay R26

for the same distance of 30KM, a round trip to work."

he said.

Other South African's said that the price of fuel had

went up by 12% in the last two years, beating inflation

standards of 5.5% per annul.

"We have less money in our pockets to travel to work,

and government is doing nothing to subsidize us. We

are sick and tired of spending 18% of our wages

and salaries on fuel." noted another resident.

The Department of Road Transport told Footprints

in Soweto, that the rise in everyday fuel has went up

due to several factors.

"The dollar has strengthened against all minerals,

including Gold, Platinum, Maize and other stock

minerals, thus pushing the price, higher and

higher. We also see that the demand has risen

in South Africa, with supply still remaining low

from oil producing nations."

Zee News, reported on their television channel that

oil was increasing, and increasing and we could ONLY

see the drop in the oil price, once President Barack

Obama leaves the presidency.

"His ranking as the worlds greatest president has

pushed the dollar to "new highs,"

forcing local markets

to follow suite...We see the price of oil remaining

stable during June-December 2014, and will see

a further increase in the price due to the dollar

strength of late."

Deputy President of South Africa Mr. Kgalema Motlanthe

told Reuters that he was traveling with his limousine a

couple of weeks ago, and could not help but notice

the increased traffic on South African roads.

"As the price increases, more and more people are

starting to use other forms of public transport to

decrease their monthly expenses. With the coming

of the E-tolls, traveling just 60KM could cost a person

more than R50."

British Economist Mr. Gary Anthems says that the price

of fuel in South Africa is low as compared to London

residents who pay up to three times the price

per liter.

"Yes, all gasoline prices are on the up trend due

to the strength in the dollar, but if we compare

apples for apples, South Africa is paying the most

cost efficient prices for natural gases."

--Marriage Bureau for Muslims Advert: 0118526712--

Thumbnail 3:54
Linkin Park - BURN IT DOWN
(Official Music Video)

In a conversation with Standard Bank Economist

Mr. Sadek Murchie,

he notes that it's not only the price of fuel that

South African's

have to worry about, it's the increasing

amount of hijacking,

the E-tolls, and the fact that taxi drivers

think they own

the streets...

--Swimming Pool Renovators and

Installers Advert: 0219282212--

"The other day, I was driving my Mercedes Benz to work,

and a taxi driver had yellow lined me, crashing into

my rear. I got off my vehicle, confronted the gentleman,

and to my surprise he said;"

"Mandela is dead. It's our country. We can do what

we want."

The shocked economist drove off, without even


a "sorry," from the taxi driver he later further added.

Newsweek who interviewed Russian Billionaire Mr.

Ivan Kocknoch says that the billionaire was planning

on opening "oil manufacturing plants," in Iceland,


and other icy country's..

"We see the market as untapped in these sub terrain icy

fields, and the minerals that these icebergs excrete can

be used to create good quality gasoline."

Thumbnail 6:35
Sami Yusuf - Allahu Allahu -

Other members from the community who spoke to

The Daily Telegraph say that the price of fuel could

reach R14.50 per liter in South Africa by end year.

"The price of oil could reach $120 per barrel, and the

only way we may hedge the rise of the price of these

minerals is by buying margin stock, buying the dollar..

"If we as everyday residents choose to hedge our risk

against the rise of the aggressive dollar, we may buy

the currency, big time, through margin trading through

investment brokers."

Spokesperson for The Department of Road Transport,

Miss. Zanele Sithole concluded to members from the

community that the only way to fight the price

of fuel, is by traveling with other residents, by

using public transport, by buying vehicles with

fuel injections, and by staying at home.

"We are doing our best to maintain and sustain

the level of road traffic on our roads. If we follow

the likes of China, South Africa could be doomed

with pollution. If we really care about our everyday

residents, we should try to combat pollution by

Mandelas legacy...
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Anthrax Envelope 'delivered,'
to The US Embassy...

by Michelle Curtis

(19 April 2014--FF News) The Pretoria Embassy of

The United States received a terrorist letter containing

the unidentified spores of Anthrax reported

Media 24...

"We have confirmation that the letter addressed

to The US Embassy was empty. After careful examination,

the envelope was said to contain more than one million

anthrax cells."

According to sources close to the embassy, the envelope

was delivered by a so-called terrorist organization operating

in Johannesburg.

"The terrorist cell has been operating in Johannesburg,

Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban in the last six months. We

see this as the work of AL-Amin, a terrorist cell trained by

Al Qaeda." says a resident.

From the news received by Footprints Filmworks, we

are under assumption that terrorist leader Mr. Mubeen

Akoo is behind these terrorist letters sent to

several US embassy's in Nigeria, Scotland, Egypt

and now in South Africa...

"A man hunt is on for this terrorist, who wears a grey

beard, works with several bodyguards and is trained to

kill...The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have issued

warnings to the media, putting him on the "wanted list,"

and should he be found, breathing fresh air, he should

be killed, in a n y form." reported CNBC.

--Pam Golding Properties Advert: 0738291288--

The (FBI) who kept in close contact with the US embassy say

that Akoo might off fled to Zimbabwe, after delivering the

Anthrax on Tuesday.

"He might off left South Africa, escaping the clutches of

the law for Zimbabwe. We have sent out billboards to

policemen in Zimbabwe and South Africa, should they

make any contact with him, to shoot, to kill."

Anthrax is an acute disease caused by the breathing

in of the virus, which may cause a plague and inner

destruction to the heart and other respiratory functions.

"Just breathing in, 10 000 cells of the anthrax cell, may

kill a human being. He has traumatized our country

and revenge must play it's course." says US Sect

of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Another resident who spoke exclusively to The Daily

Sun, said that AL AMIN is an off branch of the terrorist

cell that got Osama Bin Laden killed.

"He has led AL-AMIN under closed doors spreading terror

in South Africa. If he continues to ms-represent ISLAM,

the way that he does, he should be killed exucution

style." says Egyptian leader Mr. Hussain Osmonde.

Osmonde says that Akoo had trained in Palestine

and Pakistan, and when Bin Laden died, he felt

that it was his need to preach ISLAM, in the

wrong way.

"Islam teaches us to love each other, Islam teaches

us never to back-bite, Islam teaches us not to kill

innocent lives, and Islam teaches us that we are one,

whether we are black, white, Indian or any race. We

should and must respect people for who they are,

and not condemn them for who they are not."

says local Kookstad resident Mr. Herman Botha.

Although a man hunt has been in search for

Akoo and his team, a local Islamic scholar reported

to have said.

--Betty's Butter Advert: 0359328121--

Thumbnail 3:24
Bette Midler - The Rose

"Whatever you do to another, will come back to

you a million times. So be careful who you kill,

be careful who you hurt, be careful who you

terrorize, because one day, some day, Allah will

give you what you gave to another. If you are

watching this Akoo, know that the game has

just begun, and we as American's will never

accept a betray of trust. We financed you when

you were doing your construction business here

in America, and let you so much as cause any more

damage, we will show you who are the leaders of

the world." concluded the scholar on America TV.

Omar Abdulla
November 4, 2013
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/-/AppY EASTER FROM Footprints...!!!

by John Clarke
(18 April 2014--FF News) EASTER is a Christian
festival celebrating
the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the
3rd day after
his crucifixion more than 2000 years ago...Easter is
the culmination of the Passion of Christ, preceded by
Lent, a forty day period of fasting, prayer and penance...

Today, Footprints Filmworks, celebrates Christ's message
to the millions of residents who stood for his message,
stood for his teachings, stood for his miracles and
stood for his connection with God.

Easter is a moveable feast, meaning that it is not
fixed in relation to today's calendar. Many Christians
believe that Easter is the f i r s t Sunday, after the
full moon in April, whilst residents who spoke
to The Nazareth Times noted differently.

"We are walking through the streets where Mary
had walked more than 2000 years ago, giving the
news to her family that she was pregnant to a man
that she had never slept with. This is the spot
where Mary had held her belly, knowing that she
had missed her blood for that month." noted
Israeli journalist Mr. Jemiah Judith.

Many Christians and Jews believe that Jesus
had died today (Friday) about 2000 years ago,
and was resurrected on the Monday, after receiving
new life from the angel Gabriel.

Easter is linked to the passover of Jesus Christ to an
outer realm according to The Old testament of
The Bible.

--Durban Shuttle Service Advert: 0319288821--

Below are messages from members
from the community...

Happy Easter to all the residents of the world. I
thank you for all the awesome messages received,
and we all have a "last supper," with our families
this Easter, knowing that one day we might die..Let
us follow in the footprints of Jesus, by touching
the lives of the people whom we meet...

--Aishwarya Rai--India--

It's Easter time again, and we wish you
a Happy Easter and prosperous Holiday season.
Spend quality time with people who love you,
be happy, and enjoy brilliant company. Jesus
would of wanted us to celebrate his love for
the world, so let us empower innocent children
and women, by constantly giving. All the best!

--Leonardo Di Caprio--United States

To all the people who have supported us over
the royalty of the nation, we thank you and
love you very much. Let this Easter be an Easter
filled with perpetual bliss, awesome memories
and lots and lots of sharing. Be royal in what
you are as a person, be pleasant, forgive and
forget and let Jesus be our savior for eternity.

--Queen Elizabeth II--United Kingdom--

Christ is Risen: The world below lies desolate

Christ is Risen: The spirits of evil are fallen
Christ is Risen: The angels of God are rejoicing
Christ is Risen: The tombs of the dead are empty
Christ is Risen indeed from the dead,
the first of the sleepers,
Glory and power are his forever and ever...

--Pope Francis--Italy--

Most High, Glorious God, enlighten
the shadows of my heart and grant
unto me a right faith, a certain hope
and perfect charity, sense of understanding,
Oh Lord, I pray to thy holy ghost to acclomplish
all dreams, desires, deadlines and decisions to
be made properly so that I may touch the
lives of the millions of people who support
me. I pray for each one of you for a positive
light, so that your wishes are granted this
Easter. Let us bow our heads and remember
our son oh holy Jesus...Amen.

--Kim Kardashian--United States--

Lord, the resurrection of Your Son
has given us new life and renewed hope.
Help us to live as new people
in pursuit of the Christian ideal.
Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,
the will to want to do it,
the courage to undertake it,
the perseverance to continue to do it,
and the strength to complete it. Happy Easter,
and Thanks Footprints for the awesome work,
you guys rock-am a regular fan.

--Shar Rukh Khan--India--

--Japanese Garden Tree Fellers Advert: 0838291010--

There's nothing better than a good friend, except
a good friend with chocolate. Spoil your children and
women this Easter by showing your spirit to the Lord,
by decorating their lips with chocolate. If you are
on a diet, not to worry, I won't tell...:)

--The Easter Bunny--

Once again, it is that time of the year where
we say "Thank You,"
to the people who have loved and supported
us through the
years. We thank the many people for sharing,
caring, motivating,
and inspiring our team here at Footprints Filmworks...
We should
all remember that God is with us
through our light
heart ed moments
and our dark days. If we just have the
'faith-'n-fate,' that
this too shall pass, all will fall into place.
Whether you are
praying to earn billions of rands, or marry
the woman of
your dreams, or simply being happy,
may all your dreams
be realized this Easter. Pray with your heart,
and have
the end vision in mind, and next year
when you visit
Footprints, no doubt, your wishes will
be achieved. Happy
Easter, and may the Lord shine his
mighty torch your

About 23,300 results for Footprints Filmworks
Thumbnail 5:51
Dhoom Taana - Om Shanti Om (2007)
*HD* *BluRay* Music Videos
--Omar Abdulla--South Africa--

"The Knight's Watch,"
Horse Race...

by Rafiq Noormahomed

(29 April 2014--FF News) Secret Pursuit, Merry

Poppins, "The Pharaoh," Lady of The Night,

"The Knight Watch," The Twin Double, Pleasure

Treasure, and Captain Cassanova stood tall and

ready for the gun to fire, when gates opened

for these race horses to compete...

All thoroughbred racehorses are descended just

from three stallions exported to South Africa

more than 300 years ago.

The origins of the modern thoroughbred the most

beautiful animal bred my man goes back to the

days where Roman Soldiers who fought

on horseback,

had fought wars, and who bought

these thoroughbred

horses from the best breeders of


Although "The Pharaoh," had the highest odds

of winning the race with 3:1, pay outs, the $82

million dollar horse had collapsed after the third leg,

pushing Captain Casanova in the leading position,

during the 3:23 sec of the third leg.

Henry IV, had taken deep steps to strengthen

the horse racing community, by breeding

Fries ans, The Shetland Pony, The American

Saddle bred, The American Warm blood,

"The Arabian Horse," The Oldenburg, The

Pump Horse and The Fickle Horse.

He was quoted as saying that The Fries ans

and The Oldenburg were the most popular

horses for horse-racing...

After 5:32s, The Shetland Pony of Secret

Pursuit, and failed to gallop further and

betters who bet 42:4, had lost their monies...

--Maths Tuition for Grade 11 and 12


Thumbnail 10:04
Subliminal Power Message-
Money (with Alpha Brain Waves)

Horse Racing, the sport, has a rich history dating back

from 400AD,

where Greeks, Romans, Syrians and Egyptians

had battled

the arid terrain to compete those horses...

"The style of racing, the distances and the types of

events which horses race include

flat racing, steeple chasing,

and harness racing. Today's race is steeple chasing,


horses jump over 5M, 8M and 10M hurdles." jockey

for Lady of The Night, Mr. James Samuels reported

to have said before the race.

As the race was nearing the final four minutes,

race horse Pleasure Treasure had hit a nail in

his hoof, and was injured.

"A war was lost on a single nail, injuring a

Roman Horse, early in 17th Century, today,

we lost, because, Pleasure Treasure could

not cope with the pain of running." says

Jockey for Pleasure Treasure Mr. Nthobi


Speaking to Racing Today, horse racing commenter

Mr. Darren York revealed that "The Knight Watch,"

was slowing gaining momentum against race leaders

The Twin Double and Merry Poppins.

"With two minutes to go, it's tooth and nail as

"The Knight Watch," is pushing around

the corners

of the final leg."

Towards the l a s t minute of the race, "The Knight

Watch," had rode pass both rivals as these two horses

were loosing speed as they were between 1s to 2s


"The winner of the race is "The Knight Watch,"


through the race track."

With odds of only 5:1, the horse was fast between

straight line speeds, jumped the hurdles with ease,

and eventually won, says race better Mr. Anton


"I had bet R120 000, for "The Knight Watch," to win,

and can walk away with my winnings knowing that

I studied the horse with due intellect.."

Race Jockey for "The Knight Watch," Mr. Wesley

Pillay, says that The Oldenburg was fast right through

and appreciates the work done by his managers.

"My managers had informed me between the race,

that we have a 5:1 chance of winning the race,

and I know when I took her out last night, she

was huffing and puffing after four minutes...

We were

lucky to win the race as we had trained


keeping the horse light before crunch time."

Footprints in South Africa,

understands that this

was the 'most-watched,' race since 2011,

where Secret Pursuit had won the grand slam.

"The grand slam, is the winner of winners,


eighteen normal races internationally, and the

winner of these racers competing.."
Omar Abdulla
December 20, 2013
Something different
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